Arduino Robot mBot - STEM Educational Robot Kit for Kids / Bluetooth

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Arduino Robot mBot - STEM Educational Robot Kit for Kids / Bluetooth

Description: What is mBot? MBot is an all-in-one Arduino robot solution for kids to enjoy the hands-on experience about programming, electronics, and robotics. Working with mBlock inspired by Scratch 2.0 and controlled by wireless Bluetooth module. Arduino robot is easy-to-assemble and provides infinite possibilities for your kid to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

The mBot Bluetooth version is suitable for individual users. It needs a driver and paring procedure for Bluetooth. But you can enjoy useful mobile phone mBo t APP for controlling of robot.

MBot is contracted but not simple. Arduino robot contains 38 assembly parts that can be assembled in 10 minutes and color-labeled RJ25 ports for convenient wiring, making sure more time can be spent on programming, creativity and fun.

Arduino Robot mBot - STEM Educational Robot Kit for Kids Assembly

Drag-and-drop graphical programming software mBlock developed based on Scratch 2.0 provides a quick way for kids to learn programming, control the robot, and realize multiple functions from the robot. Find more about mBlock.

Arduino Robot mBot - STEM Educational Robot Kit for Kids Scratch mBlock

MBot is all about fun and creativity. It comes with various basic pre-assembled options, including obstacle-avoidance car, line-following vehicle, remote control car, and can be used in multiple games like balloon bursting game, soccer playing, sumo, and etc.

Arduino Robot mBot - STEM Educational Robot Kit for Kids Face

Arduino Robot mBot - STEM Educational Robot Kit for Kids Example1Arduino Robot mBot - STEM Educational Robot Kit for Kids Example2Arduino Robot mBot - STEM Educational Robot Kit for Kids Example3

The mechanical body of the mBot is compatible with Makeblock platform and most of Lego parts, while the electronic parts of it is developed based on the Arduino open source ecosystem. This makes sure that the mBot has infinite extensibility, using any mechanical parts and electronic modules you need to turn it into your "dream Arduino robot".
Arduino Robot mBot - STEM Educational Robot Kit for Kids Extensibility
There is an Unique Curriculum System for mBot. To help teachers, parents, or kids to get started easier and faster, you will also find online manuals and two online courses that will be updated regularly. These online tutorials are developed and maintained by teachers, especially scratch teachers, at home and abroad. Find more information about mBlock and Scratch Courses.

Arduino Robot mBot - STEM Educational Robot Kit for Kids Curriculum System


Software and 
mBlock(graphical) Mac, Windows, iPad mBlocky
Arduino IDE
Input devices Light sensor, button, infrared receiver, ultrasonic sensor, line follower
Output devices Buzzer, RGB LED, Infrared emitting, two motor, 4 ports
Microcontroller Based on Arduino Uno
3.7VDC lithium battery (charger on board) or four 1.5V AA batteries 
(not included)
Wireless  Bluetooth - mBot APP
Dimensions 17 x 13 x 9 cm assembled
Weight 400g assembled


mBot (Bluetooth) Part list
2 x Micro TT motor 1 x Universal wheel 1 x Me Ultrasonic sensor
1 x mCore 15 x Socket Cap Screw M4 x 8 1 x Me Line follower
2 x 90T Plastic Wheel 6 x Countersunk Screw M3 x 25 1 x Bluetooth Module (dual mode)
2 x Tyre 90T B 8 x Nut M3  
2 x Velcro 4 x Self-drilling Screw M2.2 x 9.5 1 x Line follower map
4 x Brass stud M4 x25 2 x 6P6C RJ25 cable-20cm 1 x IR Controller
1 x Chassis 1 x USB A-Male to B-Male Cable 1m  1 x Instruction Book
1 x Battery holder 4 AA 1 x Screw driver  


If you're trying to figure out the difference between Bluetooth version and 2.4G version, or your smart device cannot connect to mBot, please check the version of your mBot first. Here is comparison chart:

Bluetooth Version
2.4G Version
Suitable Individual users of family Classroom
Host computer Support Bluetooth No
Paring Bluetooth Paring No paring, the same technology as wireless mouse
Driver needed Yes No
App Yes No
Wireless connection with smartphones, tablets,
and PCs with Bluetooth capability
Wireless connection with PC via 2.4G adapter
Apple® device
1) iOS 7 or above
2) Bluetooth®4.0 or above
*exclude iPad®1, iPad®2, iPhone®4 or below
Not Supported
Android™ device
Android™ device
1) Android™2.3 or above
2) Bluetooth®2.0 or above
Not Supported


Note: Battery CR2025 coin cell battery for remote control is not included.

CR2025 Battery


Základní informace
Výrobce: Makeblock
Kat. číslo výrobce: 90050
Hmotnost: 400g
Záruka (měsíců): 24
Kód produktu: MAK101


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